We have worked in partnership with some of the world's leading enterprises, including: Chenming Mold Incorporated CorporationCisco Systems
Compal Electronics Incorporated
Compaq Computer Corporation
Dell Products
Hewlett-Packard Limited
Mitac International Corporation
Philips Electronics
Sharp Corporation (Japan)
Sony Corporation (Japan)
Spelsberg GMBH (Germany)
Zenith Corporatio
ADI Corporation
Apple Computer Incorporated
Bosch Siemens (Germany)
The impressive success of Jia Lih is directly attributable to our belief thatour customers come first. At every stage of the design and manufacturing process,we aim to provide an efficient and cost-effective service.
In the tooling review stage, we provide customers withrecommendations to assist in eliminating future problems. In the design and manufacturing process, we review customers' CAD models in detail to identify problems at an early stage and develop good solutions.
We also provide customers with progress reports and critical dimension inspection reports to ensure delivery dates and quality assurance.